At A Forever Recovery You Have Choices

One of the most difficult aspects of addiction is watching someone you love spiral out of control into a world of being out of control. It is true that there are many ‘functioning’ addicts that are able to work and have families but there is a darker side when the addiction creeps up and begins playing too much of a role in the addicts life. This happens often with prescription medications, which for many years was not seen as addiction until more people were caught abusing the medication.

Interestingly, in a world full of drugs and alcohol not everyone that uses these substances become addicted. For instance, alcohol is perfectly legal and it something that is consumed daily all over the world by many people who are not alcoholics. However, there are some 5 to 10 percent of the United States population that are considered alcoholics. Likewise, many people are prescribed pain medications and take them as prescribed for long periods and stop without any kind of addiction problem. However, in the US alone, there are some 2.5 million people addicted to opiates.

At A Forever Recovery, the treatment plans are designed to help addicts in a variety of ways. Many people have more of a psychological addiction that makes their physical addiction much worse. This means that in their minds they believe they cannot do without the substance for whatever reason and this directly affects how their body feels without the substance. Most people have a combination of psychical and psychological dependence that has to be treated.

The most common type of treatment program in the United States among the thousands of rehabs centers is the 12-step program. It works for any kind of substance addiction and the people in the program learn to rely on others (peers) to help them when they get into a situation where they feel tempted. This treatment can be part of a in-treatment or out-treatment program. Many rehabs alter the program slightly to make it fit their goal, but in the end, it functions similarly. A Forever Recovery offers other treatment plans such as a holistic path, a self-help program, and even a combination approach of the 12-step plan with another affective treatment option.

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