Karate costume designed cakes and candies for parties

The karate costume craze has taken its toll. For fanatics out there and karate lovers out there you can now not only wear your karate uniform and costumes but also eat it! Karate costume designed cakes and candies can be customized if you have a very crafty baker. Watch The Cake Boss, as the name entails he is capable of building life size sports car cake, NASA rocket cake, what more of an icon wearing karate costume cake for your birthday? You can also have candies and pastries cut out in the shape of karate costumes in different shapes, colours, decorations and sizes. It would be cool to have it given as a unique gift for the special people in your life who love karate. It is a great gesture of thoughtfulness too! Or make them from the many Manga characters who wear karate costumes.

Karate costume wearing characters can be made into pastries and cakes:

- Goku
- Streetfighter’s Ryu
- Streetfighter’s ken
- Karate kid Daniel
- Po Ping of Kung fu Panda
- Kung fu panda’s Shifu
- Tai Lung of Kung Fu Panda
- Tigress of kung fu panda
- Sasuke uchiha
- Kakashi hatake
- Inuyasha characters
- Tadashi Sawamura
- Dragon ball characters
- Bruce lee
- Jackie Chan
- Ninja costume wearing karate guy

Occasions to have karate costume designed cakes and candy giveaways:

- During Halloween for an unusual trick or treat candies
- For birthdays and graduations of loved ones who are training for karate
- For karate practitioners and students
- For karate instructors and trainers
- For your kid’s karate themed costume party
- For a reward after a tournament win
- For the new karate instructor

Of course you could even have an Elvira costume themed cake too if the martial arts wasn’t your thing. No matter what occasion you decide on giving this gift what matters is the thoughtfulness that counts. Every occasion and loved one deserves the best token.

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