Authentic Mexican Food Recipes

Authentic Mexican Food Recipes

two nopales with the spines removed
one cup refried beans
one teaspoon every ancho chili powder, garlic powder and cumin
two de-seeded, chopped tomatoes
1 cubed cooked potato
one chopped onion
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
1 cup grated cheddar
one de-seeded, chopped red bell pepper
Sliced, pickled jalapenos
Salt and black pepper, to taste
eight corn tortillas

How To Make Them:

If you are making use of refreshing nopales, lower the leaves into strips and boil them in salted drinking water for ten minutes. Papitas del ajillo are little one potatoes with cumin and garlic. Try them with a grilled steak. You can get the two red and white kinds of these at Mexican markets, whilst the skinny-skinned alpha variety with its yellow flesh utilised to be the most widespread type by far.

As soon as the cheese is melted, serve.

Eggs are a common ingredient in Mexican breakfast recipes but there is no rule declaring that egg dishes can only be served at breakfast time. The following two recipes are extremely diverse but they give a very good notion of what Mexicans like to mix with eggs to make delicious dishes.

Egg And Chorizo Breakfast Dish

You can either serve this mixture as a tortilla filling or serve it with tortillas. It would make a great breakfast or brunch but this chorizo dish would also be excellent served as supper.

Warmth a few of tablespoons of oil above a reasonable warmth in a skillet. You will want much less if your skillet is non-stick. Fry a pound of Mexican chorizo until it is browned all over, and then drain the unwanted fat off.

Add a chopped white onion and cook for a couple of of minutes, then add two de-seeded, chopped jalapenos or Serrano chilies. Jalapenos are milder than Serrano chilies. Beat 8 eggs and then blend them with the chorizo. Fold in the chopped leaves from fifty percent a bunch of cilantro and discard the stems.

Serve the cooked egg mixture with four flour tortillas, 50 percent a cup of refreshing salsa and a mashed avocado. If you want to serve the chorizo combination within the tortillas, set the chorizo combination in the tortilla, then add the avocado and salsa and roll them up to serve.

Chilaquiles With Shrimp

Chilaquiles are a terrific weekend breakfast dish and they arrive in distinctive kinds. Inspite of being renowned in Mexico as a hangover remedy, this recipe would make a suited breakfast or brunch for any one who loves the flavors commonly observed in authentic Mexican food recipes.

This recipe contains “crema” which is a variety of Mexican cream. Use sour cream or creme fraiche alternatively if you can’t get crema. This recipe tends to make enough for two people today, so double it if you want to feed the household. If you do not want to use seafood, both depart out the shrimp or use cooked, shredded chicken as a substitute and add it at the finish with the tortillas, so it can warm by way of.

What You Will need:

6 husked tomatillos
six tortillas, in two inch strips
one/four cup minced cilantro
one garlic clove
twelve oz medium shrimp (about 28 of them)
1/two teaspoon each salt and black pepper
1/four cup chopped onion
one cup chicken stock
one/four cup queso fresco

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