Candida Diet Recipes – Unbelievable Foods You Can Eat

Candida Diet Recipes – Unbelievable Foods You Can Eat
It’s unfortunately true that 75% of women have a yeast infection at least once throughout life – and it’s not slowing down either.

It’s because many of today’s foods are contaminated with countless chemicals that people are unaware of.

Unfortunately, while sufferers of yeast infection are buying pharmaceuticals, they don’t recognize that the problem is really with their eating habits. Hopefully, the drugs do what they promise to do and the condition is remedied. However, in my experience, and from many people I have spoken to, candidiasis returns back.

When it comes to healthy living, you diet is the initial step. Without it there is no chance of a healthy and happy life. And with it, you have the best chances of one. No level of medicine will cure you if your diet isn’t in order.

When designing a candida recipe it’s arguably (and quite evidently) important to know what foods don’t include yeast. For that purpose, I’m introducing this article with a list of foods that are largely swimming in the stuff. You will likely be aware of some, but there may be 1 or 2 you have never thought about. It is my opinion that this is the very best first step to take when you are designing a new eating plan – whether it’s temporary or permanent.

Foods to Omit:

Bread Based Products –

Yeast-free breads are definitely the exception. It is possible to find them by they are usually expensive. Bread products include rolls, many cakes and bagels too.

Products Based on Sugar –

The fungus, candida albicans, just adores sugar. Sugar will just make your condition deteriorate.

Fruits –

We are well conditioned to assume that fruit is good for us in any situation – health condition or not. Well, this is one instance were you should proactively stay away fruit. But why?

-Fruits are very good for our bodies but they do have a side effect that finds them a problem when you are trying to keep yeast levels down. As fruit is being digested, simple sugars are removed by the digestive tract. While generally good it does cause yeast levels to rise.

-The skin of some fruits, for example grapes and plums, hold yeast.

Vegetables –

A high-vegetable food regime is strongly encouraged for sufferers of yeast infection. However, there is one vegetable you should avoid as it contains yeast:


Many Alcoholic Drinks –

Alcoholic drinks should be eliminated from your diet and that includes beer and wine (sorry). Liquids that have alcohol also contain … wait for it … sugar!

What You Are allowed to Have:

In my opinion, and what most professionals say, the ‘high complex carbohydrate diet’ is the ultimate appraoch to curing candidiasis forever. I recommend you eat the following foods for 4 full weeks before returning back to your old diet. This is because you need to give it some effort before anything develops. Needless to say, if you are feeling any any more optimistic after one month, then it’s wise to keep the foods in your diet. (And go very easy on your ‘guilty pleasures’.) To put it plainly, consume one good meal of protein a day, and eat as many vegetables per day as you are able to manage. The high-veg diet will see to it that you are healed of yeast illness in a matter of weeks.

Yogurt –

Low fat, high culture (healthy bacteria) yogurts only. Try these too:

-Quinoa porridge -RyVita crisp breads

Vegetables –

It’s recommended that you eat vegetables in HIGH numbers. It’s also recommended that you eat the vegetables uncooked. This is because vital food elements such as enzymes are killed when vegetables are cooked.

-Garlic No matter whether you don’t like the smell of garlics. If you have yeast infection, you require them. Period. You do come away with a dog’s breath but they are working magic on the inside!

-Onions Onions come at a marginal second to garlic as they contain sulphur that assists in bringing down levels of yeast.

Herbs –

Herbs have been the stuff of miracle cures and wonder remedies for eons. Just as well they still are then. Their capabilities are perhaps overstated in stories but they are still wonderful none-the-less

-Basil Basil is low-cost and great for candidiasis – it’s antifungal

-Cumin contains antifungal oils.

-Oregano I highly recommend you use these pungent leaves to season omelettes (tastes delicious).

Meat –

I encourage you to spend a little more on this one example of protein. Stay with fresh, organic meat, and devoid of antibiotics (if your budget permits).

Ashley Taylor is a health expert. For more helpful tips on candida foods, visit

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