EMS For Muscle Building

I was looking at YouTube the other day and videos on body building. I was blow away when I saw a body builder using EMS pads on his chest and back while he was working out. For those that don’t know what EMS is it’s an acronym for electronic muscle stimulation. Basically it uses small electrodes and a very low voltage electrical current to cause your muscles to flex and contract. So if you’re using this while you’re lifting weights you’ll be sort of double dipping your work out.

As someone who owns The Flex Belt, an EMS powered ab toning device this got me wondering what the potential for Flex Belt bodybuilding might be if any.

In a nutshell I was wondering if I could wear the Flex Belt while doing sit-ups and increase the effectiveness. I couldn’t find anywhere that said I couldn’t do this so I think I’ll try it out and see what type of results I get.

I know from experience that I can tone and firm my abs using just the belt on its own but it takes doing some other ab workouts to really get the abdominal muscles to pop. Possibly using both at once will bring me even better results.

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