Must Try Los Angeles Restaurants

Considering the size of the city you won't have any trouble finding delicious los angeles restaurants. The first restaurant I'm going to tell you about is Urasawa. Urasawa is a top-of-the-line authentic Japanese sushi restaurant. Any visit is sure to create many wonderful memories. Your party will be seated in their own private room or at the bar, and it's not soon after that an array of creative and tasty appetizers will begin to arrive. In addition to the appetizers you'll also be served what will seem like a never ending supply of sake and wine. When dining at Urasawa you'll be getting much more than a meal, much of the enjoyment will also come from observing the preparation process. The chefs here create each course with strict attention to detail. At the end of your meal you'll be able to enjoy some delicious after meal teas.

Another one of the los angeles restaurants that you're not going to want to miss is Joe's Falafel. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of different falafel's, each of them featuring a delicious crispy outside and a moist tender inside. Every order will come with a pita, hummus, sauce, rice, and either tzadiki or tahini. On each order you'll receive six falafel. And they are very tasty. If you enjoy hummus you're not going to be disappointed, as the hummus at this restaurant is perfectly creamy and has just the right amount of garlic. If you have children they'll also enjoy eating here as Joe's simple chicken and Gyro meats our moist and perfectly seasoned.

The final place that I'm going to recommend is a much more casual dining spot, Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart. At this fantastic Mexican food cart you can get giant quesadillas that are cooked when you order and are packed full of a filling of your choice. Even their famous blue corn tortilla will be cooked right in front of your face. With your choice of salsa and filling that's the icing on the cake at this must try location. Another great part is that it's very affordable.

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