Natural Recipes

Natural Recipes

Before technology and industrialization capturedAmerica, simplicity and back breaking hard work were the typical way of life.  This way of life brought a style of all natural cooking that has been around since the beginning of time.  Our great-great grandmothers would be shocked and appalled at what Americans call food.  How do expert essays get back to how nature intended?  Making the commitment to eat foods and cooking meals with natural ingredients will bring Americans back to health. Natural recipes will generate wholesome meals that will satisfy the palate as well as meet nutritional needs.

What is a natural recipe?  It is a recipe that contains foods in their fundamental state.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are the easiest to recognize, since they come directly from the ground, a plant, or a tree.  They also spoil quickly, which is a great indication of their nutritional value.  Foods that can reside on the counter or in a box, with an extended shelf life, have very little value to our bodies and lack essential vitamins and minerals.  Obviously, added vitamins to a food (cold cereal for example) do not constitute a healthy choice.  Why?  Artificial duplication of nutrients in a laboratory is not how our bodies absorb the necessary components to function.

Another red flag ingredient is a flavor enhancer.  Sadly, everything that has a lot of savory flavor and excites the taste buds usually contains a form of monosodium glutamate.  The question might be asked, “Why isn’t it safe?  Hasn’t it been approved by the FDA?”  Anyone who exhibits side effects of this additive will argue that it is not safe to eat.  The consequences for them to consume any forms of this flavor enhancer can be mild to quite severe.  To avoid having to read through a long list of ingredients from a label, simply use fresh or dried spices to enhance the flavor of any meal.  Understanding spice combinations is critical to mouthwatering meals.  Having a collection of all natural recipes will solve this dilemma. 

After examining the salty and savory flavorings, it is essential to inspect the flip side, sweeteners.  Increasing blood sugar to high levels is hard on the pancreas.  Is there a way to trick the body?  No!  Beware of diet anything.  It is artificial and messes with the body in dangerous way (worse than sugar).  Aspartame (and all of the other artificial sweeteners) is a nice way to get rich, while tricking consumers into believing they can eat or drink anything that contains this ingredient.  The harsh reality is that water is really the best to drink and all other beverages are not worth the calories or the fake ingredients that the body does not recognize.  For the sweet tooth cravings, make homemade treats with less sugar and ensure that natural recipes are used.

With the above knowledge, the task of cooking healthy is now a possibility.  Experimenting in the kitchen with whole foods will become a delightful experience.  It is amazing how different combinations of spices can bring a “wow” from those who eat them.  It will surprise anyone who makes the switch how palatable these new creations become.  Not only that, but bodies will be thankful for giving them an opportunity to function properly as nutrients are absorbed during digestion.  It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Going back to the way that our great-great grandparents ate is ultimately the best decision regarding food.  They had raw meats that they cooked and spiced up, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and grains.  Sticking to those foods will help our bodies overcome the multiple sicknesses that attack many Americans.  What are the steps to making this change?  Simply obtain natural recipes for ideas, and then, discard any garbage food that resides in the cupboards.  Also, visit Natural Cooking Recipes to get started.  There are plenty of all natural recipes containing chicken and beef  to begin the transition to a better way of life.

I, Jennifer Rigby, am site owner and author of Natural Cooking Recipes.  I have experience with all natural recipes that include gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.  Due to health issues with myself and my children, I have learned to cook this way. 

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