Vegetarian Food Recipes – 5 Reasons You Should Try Them!

Vegetarian Food Recipes – 5 Reasons You Should Try Them!

Why go vegan? You’ll be surprised how many benefits you can reap from trying vegetarian food recipes. Here are five of them for starters.

Eating dairy products and meat can make you fat. If you think you can load up on meat and still stay lean, think again. Super-sized meals and a greasy fast food diets have made the U.S. a “fatter” nation as a whole. 18 percent of meat-eating Americans are obese. In contrast, only 2 percent of those who are on a pure vegan diet have to worry about their weight.

Heart diseases usually start in childhood. Meat is laden with cholesterol and fat, and has no fiber. It increases the risk of coming down with heart diseases; and this is precisely why Dr. Benjamin Spock urges parents not to feed very young children meat.

A vegan diet may reverse heart diseases.In a study, it was found that vegetarian food recipes can go a long way in helping unclog arteries.

This information is not entirely new, though. The medical community has acknowledged the role that one’s eating habits play on one’s health.

Meat has a high risk of contamination. In the U.S. alone, over 50 million cases of food borne illnesses relating to meat have been documented. This isn’t new information, either. For years, people have known animals accumulate dangerously high levels of harmful chemicals in their fat and flesh.

Chicken is not clean. Sure, you love your broiler chicken. But, would you still feel the same way if you knew that 98 percent of all broiler chicken carcasses have detectable presence of E.Coli? This bacterial presence points to fecal contamination. In other words, every chicken package you get for yourself and your family comes with a little poop.

If you value your health, try to eat less meat and use vegetarian food recipes more. Your body will thank you for it!

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